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January 17, 2005

Getting back into the swing of things…

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Since I’ve gotten back from Germany, I haven’t done much knitting. It seems like I’ve had enough time, maybe I just haven’t felt like it. Many other knitting blogs have mentioned the January blahs, so maybe that is what I have. So far I have only finished a scarf for my grandpa (belated Christmas present that I didn’t finish before leaving) and that was because I had to. I even only finished weaving the ends in on the ride to visit him in Ohio. (Obviously I wasn’t driving.)

Currently I am working on a present for someone who has been a big help with my thesis. Although the chances are slim of anyone ever reading this and finding out who I mean, I think it’s best to be vague rather than to be accused of favoritism. (I do think this person has gone beyond the call of duty, however, and deserves something extra.) I’d also like to finish the peppermint twist sweater (from the first Stitch n’ Bitch) I’ve been working on forever. Since this present (a scarf) seems to be taking a long time, maybe I’ll switch back and forth. I’m itching to start more projects, but I’m trying to staying disciplined and finish off the ones I’ve started. Maybe once I fix the sidebar of this blog and have a list right in front of my face, I won’t lose track of all of them.

Speaking of blog improvements, I’d also like to create a gallery of my finished objects, probably organized by year. I have quite a few I finished in 2004! Maybe in a few years I can look back and see some improvements in my knitting…


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