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February 19, 2005


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umbilical cord hat

I’ve finally got a picture in! Now that I’ve got the process down, there should be many more soon. (The software package that came with my digital camera sure hides the images well and is very secretive about it. I considered using Photoshop, but I think it’s overkill for my purposes.)

Anyway, that is a picture of an umbilical cord hat, knitted a few weeks ago for a friend’s newborn baby. As you can see, it is being modeled by my cute little stuffed koala bear in front of my teapot collection. By now that baby could be two weeks old, so I’d better get it in the mail. I’d like to deliver it personally, but it might be awhile before I finally get to meet the little guy.

In other news, I finished the hurry up spring armwarmers yesterday afternoon after a knitting get-together at my place. I only had to weave in the ends and loosen up the bind of on one of the armwarmers. I stupidly broke off the yearn too early while binding off – for some reason I thought I was all done when I still had one needle worth of stitches to bind off left. I made it with the yarn left, but it turned out a little too snug for my fingers to move freely. I want to show the completed project here, but I would like to show both armwarmers on and can’t figure out how to do that and take the picture at the same time. Perhaps with the timer and the right angle… Once I figure it out, I’ll add it here. They really turned out nice!

Other than that, I’m making good progress on peppermint twist. My goal is to have it done by the time we go on vacation in Florida at the end of March. I don’t think it’ll be too warm then to be able to wear it around and I’ll be able to show it off with no coat!


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