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February 24, 2005

Rookie mistakes

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I’m bummed because I’m being plagued by mistakes I made in buying yarn before I understood how yardage and gauge worked. When substituting yarn, I usually could manage to get the gauge worked out, but then completely neglected to make sure I bought enough balls of yarn (yardage) to complete the project. Thus, to dye for will have to leave the “next in line” list. I’d like to make it someday, but I’ll have to figure out some other yarn to use. I’m thinking of something besides mohair, because I usually find that to be too itchy. The Classic Elite Zoom I bought for it might do nicely for the little cell phone cozies in Sn’B Nation – I could dye the yarn with Kool Aid!

I’m also running into a problem with peppermint twist. It looks like I’m going to run out of one of the colors before I finish. I’m a little puzzled by this, since I did yet the yardage correct (albeit purely by chance) on this one. Are the stripes on only one side of the sweater? Nothing I see in the pattern indicates this, but maybe I’m missing something obvious. Whatever the case may be, it seems that I have more than enough of the main color left over to just knit the back of the sweater in it without the stripes. But that means it will take me longer than I thought… *sigh* (BTW, I would just buy more of the color I’m missing, of course, but I can’t find it anywhere. I bought it on Elann and it looks like it’s all gone.)

In good news, I went to the Sn’B Nation Reading in Ann Arbor last night! I got both of my books signed and even got to show of my armwarms. (Debbie asked those who had completed projects from the book to come up and show them.) Someone also has a the fair isle sweater and the beaded armwarmers. There may have been some others, but I’ve forgotten by now. I’m really glad I went – it wasn’t as crowded as I was afraid it would be, but at the end I saw people standing in the back. Most of what Debbie said I had read in the books, but she is just as funny in person and seems really cool and nice. Just the kind of person everyone would probably love to have in her Stitch n’ Bitch group! As I left I think I even heard her answering a knitting technique question…

My mom came along and was astounded to see everyone knitting. She didn’t expect to see people knitting while someone was talking. I, of course, came prepared and started by second peppermint twist sleeve.

I can’t think of much else to say. I think my brain is fried today from trying to figure out how to fix all the problems I’ve been running into. Better quit while I’m still ahead!


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