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March 7, 2005

Two new projects

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Since my progress on peppermint twist has somewhat stalled, I’ve started two new projects:


That is a swatch for the chevron rib tank (I got gauge the first time with the suggested needles! I don’t know if this is cause for excitement, but I’m glad not to have to knit another swatch.) and the beads for MaryElla. Getting the beads on the yarn was sort of a pain, but since I lack the proper tools, I had to improvise. I have a ton of needles, but none of them were small enough to get the beads over the eye and on to the thread. From what I’ve seen in my google search, you need a kind of funky looking beading needle for this. But instead, I used nail polish to harden the end of the thread and made it into its own needle. Not as nice as a real beading needle, I’m sure, but it did okay. I had to break up the beading into three sessions, however, to keep myself sane. It took 1500 beads, people! That’s dedication.

I’m excited about the tank too. I’m a little nervous after reading reports by commenters on Wendy’s latest entry that the Blue Sky Organic Cotton sheds and doesn’t wash well. But I haven’t noticed any shedding (given how little I’ve knit) and I will obviously wash with *extreme* care. Plus, the yarn is incredibly soft and it looks great knitted up so far. If this turn out well, I may use this yarn (or something similar) for the cable eights pattern in the latest Vogue Knitting.

Speaking of Wendy’s blog, I just love how that Rebecca wrap cardi looks. I think I want me one too. I just have to pick up my own copy of Rebecca and some GGH soft kid. And I know just the place! I must remember to behave myself and not get carried away with my purchases…

Stay tuned to see if I ever manage to finish the second sleeve of peppermint twist! Or will I get bored of new projects?


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