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March 12, 2005

I stashed for the very first time

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The other day I bought yarn for no reason at all! Actually, that just means I bought it because I liked the color and didn’t really have a pattern in mind. I went to a LYS (there are so many here in Detroit), Right off the Sheep in Birmingham, originally just to buy the latest Rebecca. Alas, they didn’t have it, but offered to call when it came in. I did try City Knits, but they didn’t have it either. (And no one offered to call once it came in, now that I think of it.) Getting back to the subject, I majorly stashed (is that a verb?) at Right off the Sheep. The people there were so nice and they had such a great sales bin, I couldn’t help it. Here’s a picture of my new acquisitions:


On the left is some GGH Savanna is a variegated red. I hope it’s enough to maked the ribbed tank in the latest Vogue. (It’s the one knit with Noro Kureyon or Silk Garden.) I just couldn’t resist the color. In the middle are four skeins of Cascade Sierra, wound in balls for me by the nice ladies at the shop. I was totally flabbergasted when they offered to wind it for me. I just stuttered, “No one has ever offered to do that before…” They are unbelievably nice there! I dunno what I can do with that yet. Maybe it can become part of either Cathode or Bad Penny. I’d have to think of what other yarn I could use with it…

Also pictured is one skein of Lamb’s Pride Worsted which I have in mind for cabled belt in SnB Nation and South West Trading Company Phoenix. Phoenix is incredibly soft, but not cheap! I want to try it out in a drop-stitch scarf pattern and see if I can get the hang of knitting continental style at the same time. I bought these two at City Knits for no reason. Maybe I just feel guilty leaving a yarn store without buying anything. Or maybe I just wanted to feel that I didn’t waste the $2 for parking that I paid just to go there. (Note to self: next time, go for street parking.)

And more good news – a almost finished object!


I’m sure she’ll look much nicer on my arm, but first I have to weave in the ends and sow on the snaps. I hope I can remember enough of my sewing skills for girl scouts. It shouldn’t be too hard, right? I can’t let myself put this one off, I’d like to wear her as soon as possible!


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