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March 21, 2005

Another week flown by…

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Last week went by really quickly. Not much time for blogging, let alone knitting. I have made it to the armhole shaping on the chevron rib tank, but I may have to let that site because I leave for vacation tomorrow! I haven’t decided yet what knitting to bring, if any. It’s a pain to find something for the plane that won’t get taken away, but maybe it’s worth it for the 3 hours. (It was definitely worth it for my last flight to Germany.) I can’t work on the tank on the plane, however: I only have the required size 8 needles in metal. 😦

Thank you to everyone who left such nice comments about MaryElla! That was really a fun, quick and portable project to work on. (Hmmm… maybe I could start another one on the plane! If I don’t spill beads all over the place, that is.) I have a few ideas for modifications that I want to try out though. Maybe it’s best not to do much experimentation/thinking during a vacation.

P-lalala commented that she had trouble getting the beads to stay on the “right” side. I dunno if I did this correctly, but I actually have beads on *both* sides of the bracelet. This is how I interpreted the pattern, and it made me wonder why the designer did it this way. By the time I finished the bracelet, I concluded that it gives the bracelet more of a 3D effect. I’m not sure if that is what P-lalala was getting at, but that’s the way I did it! I’m curious to see how a bracelet might look with beads on just one side, interspersed in another pattern. (I’ll show an example if I can get my idea to work.)

To make up for the lack of knitting pictures, here is a picture of my very shy kitty, Cookie:


As promised, I’ve added some German knitting blogs to the sidebar. I especially like the title of Wollsucht. It translates to something like “yarn addiction” – I’m not very good at translating. And there is also a link to an American in Germany (I’m always jealous of that!) whose designs in Knitty and MagKnits I’ve admired: Glampyre Knits. It is interesting to read about her experiences as an American in Germany, since I’ve been through that too.

Speaking of Germans, I finally got my hands (or will shortly) on Rebecca 29! I had to order it on eBay. I would’ve waiting until my LYS got it in, but since they’re only on #27, I was a little nervous. I hope it arrives before I leave, but I’m not holding my breath. I’m off now to take care of some last minute details – see you in a week!


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  1. Hi Marie,

    I just went to msn and searched for “Wollsucht” and found your blog with a link to my site, I had to come over to say “hi” πŸ˜‰
    Yarn addiction is a perfect translation, to me “Wollsucht” means, more yarn than furniture in the living room πŸ˜‰
    Hope my english is not that bad today, itΒ΄s late here
    Take care, Uta

    Comment by Uta — April 9, 2005 @ 3:29 pm

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