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April 29, 2005

Calgon take me away!

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At least that’s how I felt earlier this week. I have an unexpected respite today: since one of the speakers I was to work with today got called in to work, I postponed the whole trip until next Friday. So I am using today to do some long overdue cleaning around the apartment and some knitting (finally!). I know I keep saying that things will calm down eventually (first it was the conference, then the presentation, and now my attempts to finish data collection), but now I am really hoping that the end is in sight. Just working with data and sticking to a schedule sounds blissful to me. Remind me of this when I’m bored out of mind from staring at the computer all day. (Ha!)

I’ve actually been sneaking in some knitting time at night, with this as the result:


It’s a chevron rib tank close to completion! I don’t know if you can tell, but that is actually the front and back pieces sewn together at the shoulder seams. I had a feeling that I had to put the thing together a little bit to get a better idea of what it needs before I finish. And I discovered:

1) I’d like the neckline to be deeper (from the IK photo it looks like it should be a slightly sexy tank!), so I’m going to have to work more on the shoulder straps.

2) I suck at sewing pieces together. This doesn’t surprise me, since this is my first attempt. But since I’m going back to work on the straps anyways, I think I might as well try a three-needle bind off and see if I like it better. I think I will.

3) I’m afraid the tank might be a little too loose on me, although I made the size that should, in theory, fit me like a glove. I should check the measurements again, just in case my gauge was off. But I probably got it right and maybe only experience will tell if I prefer to knit garments for *exactly* my chest size or a little smaller. I like things tight, but not too tight, ya know? In the end, I think this project will turn out just fine – you probably can’t judge the final fit too well with unsewn side seams over the baggy t-shirt you slept in last night!

All in all, I only have to do some minor fussing with the tank and I’ll be done! It’s quite a relief, since I’ve felt like such a loser seeing all these completed projects on blogs, which were begun long after this one. (Obviously I don’t seriously hold myself to the same standards at Wendy and Claudia, who have *way* more experience at knitting than I do!) And now I’ve already gone ahead and ordered yarn for a new project (the clover lace wrap from SnB Nation), even though I already have enough half-finished, barely started, or need to start projects lying around… Oh yeah, I’m also going to be an auntie again soon, so there will also be a baby blanket soon in my future. The fun never stops!

PS – I’ve added a new blog to my links on the left: knit and tonic. I love her tell-it-like-it-is approach and her winners and losers sections.

April 20, 2005

All drama, all the time

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There has been too much drama going on lately to get much knitting done. Things started out great with a little knitting get together on Sunday. But the baby there was waaay too cute to ignore and not much knitting got done. (Which is not a bad thing at all!) Then Monday hit me like a slap in the face. (I have Mondays like that.) And then I thought it couldn’t get any worse, but Tuesday morning had a little drama in store as well. I felt like an episode of Judging Amy – the kind my husband and I like to make fun of (and secretly love!). But then I had a great trip to do some more fieldwork and it looks like we might get to go to Washington D.C. for the summer after all. (It was the prospect of maybe not being able to go that caused some of the aforementioned drama. More on this later when we know what we’re doing for sure.) So things are much better now, but as predicted, there won’t be any free time until after Friday. And I won’t bore you with pictures of my inch-by-inch progress on the tank – it pretty much looks the same. But I am getting close to the armhole shaping and I’ve promised myself a fun weekend with no obligations, so I may have something to show soon!

Of course, I always have time to waste browsing the internet, and look what I found: this made me laugh so much I cried. (And boy, did I need that!) The whole site is very funny. Now I have to check out her other site, don’t get weird on me babe (link taken out because I think that domain is empty now and has ads for, er, questionable activities). Links found via LJC blog.


April 16, 2005

Quiz time!

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I’m a sucker for quizzes. Here’s one (in German) that asks, “What kind of blogger are you?”:

du bist 2day-typ

was fuer ein bloggertyp bist du ?
brought to you by Quizilla

I like how two-day is spelled out tuday. Quiz found via Wollsucht.

Otherwise, I don’t have much to say today. I’m slowly creeping along on the chevron rib tank whenever I can squeeze it in. There could be more knitting tonight if I can follow through on my plans to watch Frida tonight. Apparently I haven’t been in the mood for arsty-fartsy type movies lately, since Friday and Cold Mountain having been sitting around for weeks, un-watched. (I finally watched Cold Mountain last night. I reaaallly liked it: what’s not to like when you’ve got Jude Law?) Not that these are really unaccessible art movies, but when you hear what is next on my queue… Resident Evil: Apocalypse! Yes, with all this thesis work and all, at the end of the day all I want is some really dumb entertainment. That I can knit to.

Back to knitting: more knitting to come tomorrow as well, when I get together with friends Andrea and Cat. And this time I’ll bring chocolate for all! (The last time we got together, I was a boar and didn’t think to bring a present for the host, for shame.) I hope all of this brings me much closer to finishing the tank. The weather is really getting nice around here, and I’d like to finally wear something I’ve knit. I suppose when I’m done, I’d better go back and rescue the peppermint twist sweater…


April 13, 2005

Time to relax at last?

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It has been a crazy couple of weeks. I had a great time at the conference (I will probably go into more detail soon here oops, that blog is now gone.), but I hope the next few weeks are quieter. Considering that I’m presenting some preliminary data on my thesis on the 22nd, I might not be so lucky. At least I feel like I’ve made good progress on my work since getting back Monday – the conference really motivated me.

The conference was also good for knitting time! (Sadly, this hasn’t been the case since getting home.) I almost finished the belt that I started on vacation in Florida. I’d post a picture, but I think I’ll wait until it is completely finished, belt buckle and all. I also made very good progress on the front of the chevron rib tank. At first I was afraid I wouldn’t get the chevron effect, but now it is coming along nicely:


(It may be hard to tell, but the rib is a garter stitch rib.)

I also got compliments and questions about my knitting, which are always appreciated. (I also got many nice compliments and some good suggestions on the presentation. Funny I didn’t mention that first: where are my priorities? ;) Knitting is always a good conversation starter.

I’m also feeling inspired by the new Knitty. So far, W, Cambio, Xback (I’d finally have to get a strapless bra for that one!), Soliel, Spring fling, and Tie one on have caught my eye so far. Obviously I can’t make them all, especially at the pace I’ve been going. But who knows, this summer might just turn out to be relaxing: some might make it on to my WIP list!

April 6, 2005

Running off again

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There has been no knitting around here lately. Absolutely none. This is not because I’m not in the mood – far from it. Instead, I’ve been preparing at the last minute (because of my extended vacation mode) for a conference I’m giving at paper at, as I think I mentioned in my last entry. I’ll get to knit on the flight at least. Come to think of it, I actually got a lot of knitting time on my vacation, especially compared to last week!

I really should be getting to bed, but I think travel/conference jitters are keeping me from relaxing. I’m off to at least *try* to sleep. I’ll be back Monday, when I hope my normal knitting schedule will resume!


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