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April 13, 2005

Time to relax at last?

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It has been a crazy couple of weeks. I had a great time at the conference (I will probably go into more detail soon here oops, that blog is now gone.), but I hope the next few weeks are quieter. Considering that I’m presenting some preliminary data on my thesis on the 22nd, I might not be so lucky. At least I feel like I’ve made good progress on my work since getting back Monday – the conference really motivated me.

The conference was also good for knitting time! (Sadly, this hasn’t been the case since getting home.) I almost finished the belt that I started on vacation in Florida. I’d post a picture, but I think I’ll wait until it is completely finished, belt buckle and all. I also made very good progress on the front of the chevron rib tank. At first I was afraid I wouldn’t get the chevron effect, but now it is coming along nicely:


(It may be hard to tell, but the rib is a garter stitch rib.)

I also got compliments and questions about my knitting, which are always appreciated. (I also got many nice compliments and some good suggestions on the presentation. Funny I didn’t mention that first: where are my priorities? 😉 Knitting is always a good conversation starter.

I’m also feeling inspired by the new Knitty. So far, W, Cambio, Xback (I’d finally have to get a strapless bra for that one!), Soliel, Spring fling, and Tie one on have caught my eye so far. Obviously I can’t make them all, especially at the pace I’ve been going. But who knows, this summer might just turn out to be relaxing: some might make it on to my WIP list!


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