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May 11, 2005

Wednesday must be blogging day

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I don’t know why I usually end up writing on Wednesdays. They must represent the lull in my week. I meant to write sooner because I was all excited: Elann is offering Endless Summer Collection Lara again! My ass is saved! As soon as it was available I ordered a ball of the Deep Olive I needed to finish peppermint twist. As soon as it arrives, I will furiously work on twist again, before I discover that I need more yarn in *another* color and Elann runs out. (I don’t know how that could happen, but somehow I wouldn’t be too surprised if it did with luck I’ve been having.)

I also ordered some needles: last time I was talking about knitting the clover lace wrap or the boobholder, and then I discovered I didn’t have the needles required for either. I’ve been feeling like I’ve been spending *way* too much money on knitting lately, but I decided to bite the bullet and buy the Denise interchangeable needles anyway. I think it oughta save me money in the long run, plus I can’t think of anything I need to knit that isn’t covered by the needles. I just hope I like the feel of them!

I’ve been fussing with the design here lately, but it’s nowhere near done yet. I have some more ideas I have to try out for the banner at the top of the page, plus I want to link all of my pages together (and create some new ones). I dunno when I’ll have time for all of this, but I’ll probably work in changes one at a time whenever I can. For now, I’ve overhauled my project lists to the left. This is with the hope that it will keep all of my projects in perspective, i.e. keep me from buying more yarn! I think I have enough lined up there to last me the rest of the year. The stuff listed as “in development” means I really, really want to knit them, but don’t have the yarn yet. (I’m ignoring that fact that I don’t have yarn for the baby stuff yet, but I know for sure that I will have a new niece or nephew in November!) I will put my willpower to the test by not buying any yarn for those until I knock off one or two items from the other lists…

If you’ve survived this long in this boring entry, here’s your reward:


This is the Japanese garden at Cranbrook, taken on Mother’s Day. Mother’s day actually went quite well; no one yelled at anyone or cried. (Which usually occurs during family get-togethers for holidays.) We made lunch at our place and went for a walk around the grounds afterward.


Not much else is new around here. I’ve started the hoodie (pictures to come later) and Chewie is enjoying his new cat bed. Life is good.


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