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May 25, 2005

Just another quick post…

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…because a little birde reminded me that I haven’t posted since the 11th. Which I have realized and it has been bothering me, but you know how I keep saying that things will quiet down soon? Life is not cooperating with me. Things are going pretty well, however. I finished collecting data last week and made my last trip to the community this week. (Or so I say. I may go back one more time – there’s always more work to be done!) An apartment is lined up for our stay in Washington D.C. this summer and I may have an exciting volunteer/internship lined up! I have a feeling things will continue to be busy until we leave at the end of the second week of June. This summer sounds like it will be so jam packed that it will just fly by…

I’ve also hesitated to post because I wanted something to show off first, like a finished object or nifty new site design. But if I waited for that, I’d never get to post. That being said, I’m already *very* close to being down with peppermint twist. I’m four rows away from being done with the front and the back and sleeves are already done. I’m debating whether I should commence seaming right away, or if I should save the pieces for blocking a la fluffa and cast on for the boobholder instead tonight. Because tonight there will be plenty of knitting time: my husband has been waiting impatiently for the two-hour Lost finale and I’m sure I’ll watch it too. I enjoy the show, but I am hoping something will actually happen!

I do have a little show and tell for today:


These are some stitch markers I made for a friend’s birthday. Turned out to be quiet easy – the hardest part is picking out beads that coordinate nicely. I’ve been coveting nice stitch markers like these and am gratified that I can make nice ones myself for a fraction of the cost.

Tune in later for the answer to the burning question: did Marie seam her peppermint twist or start her boobholder? (Or maybe she will just eat popcorn and fall asleep watching Lost…)


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