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May 27, 2005

The answer to the burning question….

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The other day I started the boobholder, of course!


Peppermint twist is laying neatly folded, patiently waiting for me to decide whether to block the pieces first before seaming:


I actually don’t think blocking is necessary, but that could just be my laziness talking. The chevron tank looked good without any blocking beforehand. I just can’t decide – the story of my life lately! So many things to do, but I can’t decide where to start and just look around helplessly at the mess….

The boobholder is the prefect thing to help me put off deciding what work I should *actually* should do, yet still feel productive. It is one of the major reasons I ordered the Denise needles, as I mentioned before, and after a few days I can truthfully say they work beautifully. The only snag I’ve hit is that I had trouble “clicking” in the little black extender thingies to make a longer cord. I left them unclicked for awhile, with the unhappy result that the cord fell apart as I was pushing stitches from the boobhold around. I think it’s just my wimpy hands tho – with the aid of one of those grabber do-dads you use to grip jar lids and stuff I was able to click it in. I didn’t have nearly as much trouble with locking the needles on to the cords; it was quite easy, in fact.

Things are busy, busy, busy here -as usual! But if I can keep posts short and sweet like this, I hope I can keep up more often. Look for more cat pictures when there isn’t any exciting knitting progress to show… (What’s a knitting blog without cat pictures anyway, eh?)


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