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June 6, 2005

Sew tired

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Look ma – one sewn on sleeve!


I don’t know why I put off sewing up peppermint twist. I actually think it’s kind of fun. My technique is far from perfect, but I love how it all kind of comes together like magic. The only problem is that it takes so darn long. That amount of progress took me all weekend, and that is about all I accomplished! I have a slew of last minute errands to do before we leave for D.C., and I’m starting to panic. We’ll see if I can finish the sweater before departure!

Thanks to everyone for the nice comments about my haircut. They’re particularly timely as I was feeling like maybe I let the haircut get too short… but I bet I won’t feel that way when I’m sweltering in D.C. this summer! (Or so everyone I tell about this trip feels obliged to tell me.) I guess I’ve just been skittish about short hair since a disaster in 7th grade: someone convinced me I’d look good with chin length permed hair. I looked like a poodle. No perms for me since then.

Oh, I just remembered. Yes, that sock yarn is Schoeller + Stahl. But I actually got it from my LYS in Detroit. Next time I should just save my money and stock up while I’m in Germany. I couldn’t find a really good yarn store in the Ingolstadt area though. Maybe I should try Munich: I’m dying to go back and visit my old haunts. We never even got to spend a day there during our last trip!

Here’s Chewie sitting in the mess that is my office:


In addition to all the errands I have to run tomorrow, I have to clean up the place for visitors on Wednesday. Arggghhh – I think I’m going to need plenty of knitting therapy before the week is over.


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