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June 20, 2005

No knitting in sight

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I haven’t knitted a single stitch lately. So instead, I can give an update on my arrival in D.C. Of course, it became cloudy on the day I decided to take some pictures, but I’m not complaining. As long as it stays below 90 degrees, I’ll be happy!

Our apartment here is pretty big (two bedroom, so we even have a pseudo-office) and nice. The only thing is that it seems like the previous occupant didn’t have the same standards of cleanliness as us… but since this is just a two-month sublet (and it’s not our deposit at stake), we just cleaned up as best we could. That will do for the summer. And the rental furniture is not bad either! The apartment has some pluses, including it’s own washer and dryer. (I couldn’t imagine schlepping laundry to the laundromat…) And we have one an extra half bath in the bedroom – it’s gonna be hard to go back to just one bath in Detroit!

My work here is going well and I’m pleased with the internship (technically a volunteership, but my job is research-oriented). Here’s what I see when I get out of the Metro station on the way to work:


Then it’s just a short walk to where I’m volunteering, the National Museum of National History (hereafter NMNH) at the Smithsonian:


I got a spiffy badge and everything. It’s fun to be able to get in the museum ahead of tourists and see all of the behind-the-scenes stuff. After a week of wandering around, I’m not even getting lost anymore. (The place is *huge*.) And every once in awhile I’ll stumble across something crazy, like a hallway full of storage for bones and more bones scattered on someone’s desk as s/he works on them. I’m in the Handbook of North American Indians offices, which doesn’t seem nearly as exotic, but there are more dictionaries/grammars of North American Indian languages piled around here than I’ve seen anywhere else.

I hope the pictures made up for the lack of knitting content. If I don’t poop out too early tonight, I may get to work some more on sewing up peppermint twist. (The never-ending project…) And there’ll be new yarn acquisitions this weekend for my birthday – yay!


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