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June 24, 2005

Happy birthday to me…

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Yes, it’s my birthday today, at least for another hour local time. It’s been a good day, even though I went to work. (No time off for me – birthdays just don’t seem worth making that much of a fuss over these days.) But tomorrow we’re going to Alexandria to visit the famous Knit Happens for birthday yarn purchases. So my next update (hopefully this weekend) will feature new yarn and *gasp* a finished peppermint twist! I just finished it tonight and it looks like it fits well, but I ought to save the final judgment for when I’m wearing a bra. (Sorry if that’s too much information for ya…)

Time to go to bed and rest up for my shopping weekend! I just had to squeeze an entry in. It’s been hard to find a chance to update mostly because of the lack of internet access at work. (Evenings are for unwinding and my only other chances are weekends or getting up early – ha!) I work on my laptop and could in theory use wireless, but to my disappointment, there is none. My only other option is the communal intern computer, but I only feel comfortable using that computer to quickly check my email. So updates may be brief or picture-heavy for the time being.


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