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July 2, 2005

Subway/conference knitter

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I’ve just upgraded myself from conference knitter to subway/train knitter. I’m in Boston right now for a conference and I actually did more knitting on the train ride than I have during the conference. Maybe it’s because I’m distracted by my lovely new shiny laptop that I’m actually getting a lot of use out of! Bear with me here, because this entry is going to be a little scattered. I have several things I want to mention, and I don’t know when I’ll next get the chance (or remember what I wanted to say).

1. Thank you to everyone for the complements on peppermint twist. It’s always gratifying to hear when someone else thinks something you made looks good too!

2. I should take a picture of clapotis reclining in Havard Yard before I leave. Even if people think I’m crazy.

3. I loooove trains. I had a seven hour train ride, but give me plenty of leg room and my knitting and I’m happy. Plus there’s just something relaxing about the sway of a train…

4. Being reminded of how much I like trains has got me thinking about how nice it would be to live on the East Coast. There just aren’t too many opportunities to ride them in Michigan.

5. I should take a quick shower and go to bed. Sheesh. I must have a blogging problem, updating at 12 AM like this. In my defense, I did just get back from dinner and drinks. (Don’t ask – there are tons of places to go where we are staying, but we felt compelled to go all the way to Revere Beach and wander around for almost an hour before finding a restaurant.)

6. I have just noticed that somehow I have gotten very far behind in my blog reading. However, I will show restraint and read them later, thus proving that my blog addiction isn’t too bad yet.

Good night and look for more clapotis pictures soon – I’m in the straight section and find myself racing to get to the row where I can drop stitches again!


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