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July 13, 2005

One sock down already!

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The good thing about baby socks is that they go so quickly (naturally – they are *baby* socks!). I’m sure if I had enough uninterrupted time, I could finish a pair in a day or if I’m slow, a weekend. But more on the socks later. First the promised picture of the Russian Join:


This is the join before tightening both loops. I find it easiest to first weave the old yarn in on itself, leaving a small loop. Then I slip the new yarn into the loop and weave it into its own plies. Even though my joins are a little sloppy due to the way Noro yarn is (I’m not a spinner so I don’t know what to call it: I think the yarn is a single and it tends to alternate between thick and thin…), I still think it works beautifully. The technique was easy to learn, thanks to the number of illustrated instructions I found using a google search.

Here’s the finished project!


I am going to love only having two ends to weave in! (Although I think I’m getting better at it – as long as I don’t have to weave in behind some ribbing.)

My first baby sock – can’t you tell how proud I am:


This sock was completed mostly on commuter time. That alone makes it a very handy project. It was also the first project I’ve done with short rows – which are not hard at all, although I’m not sure if I understand the logic enough to write my own pattern using them.

Maybe today I’ll get a chance to cast on for the second sock – especially if I get frustrated at work and need some knitting therapy. (At least that’s my excuse.) I’ve been running into some weird things in my data analysis, but maybe I’ll get into that on my (poor, neglected) linguistics blog (that link is now dead) if I ever figure it out. Oh yeah, I’ve also been working on clapotis whenever I get the chance. (I try to get at least 12 rows done each time I work on it – just enough in order to get to drop another column of stitches!


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