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July 19, 2005

$&*!ing tourists

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I think this bothers me we more than it should, but almost every day I see tourists taking pictures in the Smithsonian Metro station. Yes, that’s *in*, not outside. They take pictures of a train arriving from the platform above, pictures of the station in general, and pictures of people going through the turnstiles. (I think someone has a picture of me shooting daggers with my eyes as I try to maneuver my way to the escalators…) People, subways look about the same everywhere! (Almost: Washington’s is newer and cleaner than any other one I’ve been on.) And I won’t even get into the security issues – I just wonder what these people are thinking, giving what has been in the news lately. *sigh* I’m probably overreacting, but this just pushes all my buttons.

On a happier note, I am on the home stretch (Is that the appropriate metaphor? I don’t do sports, or baseball, as a rule.) on clapotis!


I’ve decided to add another repeat before I start the decrease rows because any scarf of mine just can’t be long enough for me. Let’s just hope it doesn’t backfire on me and I run out of yarn…


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