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July 30, 2005


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1. As I feared, I ran out of yarn just before finishing clapotis. Clearly, the knitting gods heard my plan for adding more length and not running out of yarn, and decided to punish me, mere knitting mortal, for my hubris. Now, I could rip it back and just make it smaller, but I’m not going to do that. I found a good deal on eBay and ordered myself another skein. I know I won’t need much of it, but I’m hoping that there will be enough left to make a little felted bag, or something similar that would make a nice gift.

2. I see the same size issue I just mentioned in the last entry with the cable eight top as well. I just ordered yarn for it, after checking Elann and seeing that the forest green yarn I’d been coveting was sold out! Luckily for me, I like all of the colors of the Pukucho organic cotton, so I ordered 15 skeins of the chocolate colored yarn. Getting back to the size issue… I’m not quite sure what to do yet. If I made the top in the 38″ size, it would fit, but I don’t know if I want it quite that tight. I don’t think I can fudge with the size with blocking, since this is cotton, not wool. Maybe if I mess around with the gauge. I could end up with a tent instead of a top. This time I ordered extra yarn (I originally wanted to add an inch or two to the length), so I should be able to experiment and find what works best. Then maybe I can figure out how to tackle the cable cascade sweater. Looking at the pictures and patterns more closely, I do see that the pattern repeats are my downfall here. The patterns are very clever, but I just fall right between sizes!

I have a feeling I’m rambling now, but I’ll throw this in before I go: a baby blanket by the Yarn Harlot. Maybe this would make another nice gift for my impending nephew after I finish the baby socks. Even though she calls it the boring baby blanket, I’m tempted…


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