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September 11, 2005

By the wayside

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…this blog, that is. Since I wrote the last entry, I did get off my ass and get busy: with everything besides knitting and blogging. I see that I wrote that entry on the 31st, intending to post it as soon as I got a picture of me in the clapotis. And it took me over a week to do it! Oh well. The clapotis deserves to be worn in the picture, but it’s been hot and the hubby is busy elsewhere. However, the picture does feature the IKEA chair my brother gave me that he doesn’t have room for anymore. I think it’ll make a good reading chair.

Things have been a little crazy here. They are likely to stay that way until I finish the first draft of my thesis in early October. I’ve been writing conference abstracts, half-heartedly studying for the GREs, looking at grad schools to apply to, and trying to make sense of my data (not necessarily in that order). And looking at this site on my home computer (which has a really small monitor) makes me realize that I need to tweak the design a bit. So much to do. Plus the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina had me down for awhile. The news was always so sad, but still I couldn’t pull myself away from CNN at times. I don’t think I can say anything new or useful about the disaster, but if you want to read one linguist’s gut reaction, go here.

I’ll get back to the normal prattle about knitting here soon, but there just isn’t much to report right now. I’m churning out baby socks to try to have then ready for the baby shower in less than two weeks. Once I finish this sock, I’ll only have one more pair to go. Woo-hoo!



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