Compulsive Knitter

September 18, 2005


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My nephew, Nathan, was born around 1 AM Saturday morning, about two months early. We visited last night and saw him. He is very tiny, but looks only a little bit smaller than a full-term baby. (He was four pounds, seven ounces at birth.) He seems to be doing good, but needs a little help breathing because his lungs aren’t at full capacity yet. Please send good thoughts/wishes for him and my brother/SIL! I hope little Nathan grows and gets stronger soon so they can take him home as soon as possible.

So, I guess when I said I was distracted before, I didn’t know that it could get worse… At these times, a good knitting project can be really soothing. I cast on for a simple drop-stitch scarf in some ribbon yarn:


However, this might be too simple to keep my mind occupied when I need a brain break. The cable eight top sounds really appealing right now, so I might be casting on for that tonight. I’ve decided to abandon the boobholder for now. I was pretty sick of that already in August, so I don’t know if I’ll make a third attempt, or use the yarn for something else. I’m looking for quick and satisfying projects for now. I ordered some yarn (with a gift certificate for Elann – yay!) for IK’s Viennese Shrug, which might be just the thing right now.



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