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September 25, 2005

FO pictures!

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Yesterday was the baby shower, so I got the socks all ready and packaged (along with the rest of the present):


The first picture gives a better representation of the colors (I’m too lazy to try to work any Photoshop magic), but this one gives you a better idea of what they looked like:


I made the braided cable and the ruffled rib socks. They seemed to go over quite well. I may churn out one last pair, but I feel like I need a break from socks for now. The baby is doing well and hopefully will get to go home soon. I don’t know if his tiny feet will even fit the socks yet!

I’ll spare you pictures of the cable eight top – it looks like the last picture, with a few inches added. There’s nothing else exciting to report, but I’ve updated the project list on the sidebar to more accurately represent what I’m working on. I’m always itching to start new projects, however, so things may change!



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