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September 28, 2005

Dazed and confused

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I just noticed something that you, gentle reader, might have already seen from my previous entry:


My cable eight top is a little off. The columns of cables are supposed to alternate, but I’ve been doing every single freaking cable twist. If you look closely here, you can see the difference:


Why can’t I follow such a simple pattern? I think my problems with knitting reflect my state of mind lately: I can’t concentrate and when I do something, it comes out half-assed. Lately knitting hasn’t been the relaxing, zen-like activity it usually is for me. I feel this compulsion to hurry up, do more, do it perfectly, etc. So I either have to learn to relax or take a break for awhile. I have more pressing concerns until December, like graduating and finishing grad school applications!

So, I have decided to put the 15″ of knitting I’ve done so far on hold. I may cast on for the back and see how I like what I get when I actually follow the pattern… normally I would say screw it and keep going the way I have been doing the pattern (and just call it an innovation), but the top just feels really bulky with all the extra cables. I think it would be a better fit with the alternating cables. But I will probably put this all on hold for awhile and work on some of my other projects or maybe start the Viennese Shrug. Perhaps knitting the Viennese Shurg while imagining a possible visit to Vienna this summer will promote some relaxation….


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