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October 23, 2005

GRE, schmee-RE

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I’ve got less than two weeks before I take the GRE, so I’m studying like crazy. I don’t want to have to re-take it, okay? I’m not convinced that all of that studying is helping my math ability all that much. All of that math from ten years ago is coming back to me now, but I have this fantastic ability to screw up the last few problems (usually wordy, hopefully the hardest ones) in a practice set. Super. I’m taking a full practice test tonight to see where I stand.

I had a great time in Minneapolis last week. The weather was nice, but I couldn’t get enough of the Skywalk:


I meant to blog from there, but things got too crazy. I don’t have anything exciting to show anyways. I finished the back piece of the hoodie and have knitting about two inches of the front. I brought the mystery sock with me and am now past the heel. Too bad I didn’t see Grumperina’s tutorial about picking up stitches the pretty way before doing the heel. There is no way I’m ripping back and doing it over! Hmm, I usually consider myself a perfectionist, but I guess I’m not. Or maybe things have been so busy lately that I’ve finally learned to let go!

I wanted to show off my choice of yarns for the Viennese shrug, but I noticed something weird. I wasn’t thinking of Christmas when I picked the colors, I swear!


(If you can’t see it on your monitor, the top ball of yarn is a dark green.) If I remember correctly, the choice of colors was limited when I was picking out yarns. Also, I wasn’t sure which yarn would work the best, so I just picked up enough of both to try them out. I’m thinking it’ll be the Austermann Peru… so, so soft.


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