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November 10, 2005

Look who’s wearing the socks I made…

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So cute! I’m glad that the socks actually fit for now. If I want to make one last pair while they will actually fit my nephew, I’d better hurry.

I’ve had so many updates I’ve wanted to write, but no time. But here’s one quick little update I’ve been wanting to share: I recently taught myself how to knit backwards. I was inspired the knitting get-together I went to a few weeks ago where we talked about how we all knit differently. It got me thinking about other logical ways one could knit, namely how you could knit stockinette flat without having to turn the work around every other row and purl. I tried to take a picture of my method, but wouldn’t you know – I can’t take good pictures and knit at the same time! This site describes the method I figured out for knitting backwards very well, but doesn’t have pictures. This page essentially describes the same thing, but with pictures. Both of them mention that the gauge for knitting backwards might be different than for knitting forward, but so far I haven’t noticed a difference. I should actually check with a ruler rather than eyeballing it though. I just like it right now because it makes the miles of stockinette I have to knit for the hoodie much more interesting. Right now it doesn’t seem to really speed up my knitting any, but I hope that will improve with practice.


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