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November 14, 2005

Startitis strikes again!

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I couldn’t help myself, I finally gave in to the impulse to start the Viennese Shrug:


(Look how helpful Chewie is whenever I try to photograph my knits!) My husband asked me what I was making and I told him it was a shrug. Despite the fact that he teaches at a high school, he had no idea what that it. (I swear I’ve seen lots of the girls wearing them. Heck, I’ve seen them everywhere in the malls too.) Luckily I had a picture handy, because I’m no good at explaining these things. You oughta hear me when I try to explain what I want when I get a haircut. I always feel bad for my stylists… but I digress! It is fun to knit lace again, although I forgot how nerve-wracking it can be at times. I’ve never used a lifeline. After working forever on the scarf I made about a year ago (I just realized I don’t have a picture here – someday I’ll upload one!), I got pretty good at finding mistakes and going back to fix them… or just hiding them! I already got myself in sort of a pickle last night. The pattern has two yarn overs next to each other, which alone kind of confused me. But I did it and maybe even managed to do it right. Then I thought the purpose of this was just to create an extra large hole, but I realized too late that the pattern calls for you to purl one YO and knit the next on the next row. I’m about to call it a night on GRE studying/thesis writing, so I’ll get a chance to fix my goof tonight.


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