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December 30, 2005

Christmas report

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The holiday has been nice and relaxing so far… and there has even been knitting! But first, a knitting-related Christmas present from my parents, presented by Chewie:


I was thinking of making a “roll your own” needle case from the first SnB book as a beginning sewing project and may still do that anyways. I think these cases really come in handy – I love this one already, because it is really easy to see just what needles I have and which I need to get eventually.

I only planned to knit ONE gift for Christmas and did I make it? No, of course. But that I can blame on my thesis-related knitting hiatus. I started knitting again on the 23rd and made some good progress on the second sock (sorry for the bad photo):


I would be even further (I made it all the way to the foot the other day), but I had to rip back the heel because I realized I’d made a plain heel and forgot to do the slip stitch pattern. I couldn’t have a pair of socks with mismatching heels! No biggie, the heel is almost done again. I can only work on it for so long at a time, however, because I apparently lost all of my knitting muscles during my hiatus. Knitting too long with tiny needles makes my wrist hurt – ow.

I did finish another project: here is my cabled belt, patiently waiting to be blocked into shape.


All I need is to order a belt buckle and attach it. I’ve tried looking for one at places like Michael’s, but never like what is available. So I think I will just order one from M & J trimming.

That’s all for now – another update soon on my New Year’s (Knitting and Otherwise) Resolutions!


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