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January 1, 2006

Resolutions for 2006

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I have many resolutions for 2006, not all of them knitting related. But I may as well put them here as anywhere else; maybe if I think that others have read them I will stick to them more.

Number 1, for myself and most people I suppose, is to get more exercise. I have lived in the suburbs for over a year now, and I realize that it is turning me into a real couch potato. I was never all that active, but at least when I lived in the city I walked a lot. I hope more exercise will help make me feel better/get rid of those little aches and pains (esp. my back). Or maybe I’m just getting old!

My second big resolution might sound a bit dumb, but maybe to those who’ve lived the grad student lifestyle it will make sense: I resolve to get up, showered, and dressed earlier in the day. (Preferably before 8:00.) I often don’t have solid deadlines to do things (and am a night owl anyways), no classes to go to, and work mostly from home. That means I mostly sit around in my pajamas in front of the computer and only get ready before dinner. I guess it sounds like I’m pretty pampered, but this kind of lifestyle has its drawbacks. If anyone drops by unexpectedly I’m embarrassed to answer the door, I can’t go out on the spur of the moment, and I feel to under-dressed to go out and ask kids to turn down their music while I’m working (remember, I live in a freaking DORM people). While finishing up the first draft of my thesis I didn’t even want to take the time to look presentable and practically lived like a hermit. Not fun. I’d like to break that habit in case I’ll be starting a PhD program in the fall. Most likely I’ll have a commute which will get me up early anyway, but it can’t hurt to get off my lazy ass earlier.

Finally, I’d like to not have unfinished projects hanging over my head all the time. I like to make big plans, but have trouble following through on them. Now that my MA is winding down, I have a good chance to tie up all these loose ends. (For example, I promised to translate some German into English for someone…and it’s been half-done for an embarrassing long time.) And then I’d like to set more realistic expectations for myself so I don’t get into these pickles anymore. I’ve already made good progress one that – no more translations for me! (I am so not the person to ask. I find translating mind-numbingly tedious.) I hope this will give me more time for more creative, fun projects. I hope to make room for the sewing machine and whip out a few beginning projects to show off here in 2006!

Hope y’all had a great New Year’s Eve/Day. Hubby and I ended up spending a quiet evening at home snacking, watching the end of Dr. Zhivago, and then seeing the ball drop. At first I was disappointed we didn’t make plans with anyone else, but we had a really nice lunch with some friends, fell asleep for awhile from such good wine and food, and then had a chance to celebrate together. So it all worked out perfectly!


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