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January 6, 2006

Cutting it close….

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Here we have an almost finished second sock! I’m so glad that I’m almost done and can move on to other knits soon. (I’m in the mood for lace again…) But the remaining yarn is getting used up alarmingly fast. I don’t know if you can tell, but the skein is almost *nothing* and I hope I don’t run out. If I do make it, however, I’ll be really proud of myself that I managed to use up all of that particular sock yarn: 2 pairs of 2 completely different sock patterns! (I think I had 3 skeins originally.)

Besides the sock, I’ve only been knitting a little on the front piece of the hoodie. I also started another small project, but I’ll show it later. I can’t wait to work on the shrug again, but I’ve decided to rip it back and start over (maybe not completely – I don’t feel like casting on 100-something provisional stitches again!) when I get back to it. And this time, I’ll use a lifeline. If it’s good enough for Grumperina, it’s good enough for me! (And, uh, I didn’t realize how easy it is to put them in, stupid as I am.)


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