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January 20, 2006

Happy blogiversary to me!

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One year ago today I started this blog! I’m pretty impressed at myself for sticking with it for so long. I’ve started a number of personal webpages over the years, but I’ve never stuck with them for long. In celebration of the blogiversary, I’ve fixed a number of templates (MT has templates up the wazoo, which is unfortunate when making minor changes in appearances. I should make a list for next time.) and the comments, *again*. It’s not the first time I’ve screwed up the comments and, once again, it’s all my fault. Being somewhat paranoid, I password protected the cgi-bin, forgetting that readers need access to it in order to comment! And then I beg for comments, not realizing there is a problem. Doh! Thank you again Dana, for pointing out the problem!

Back to our regularly scheduled knitting content: the shrug is coming along smoothly, for the most part.


I brought it to a Knitwits get-together, however, and ran into some trouble there. I’m afraid I was bad company; counting, re-counting stitches, and muttering to myself. I finally figured out the problem: I re-copied and enlarged the chart for the lace, but it came out a little wonky. So what should’ve been a / (k2tog) looked more like a . (p). I don’t know why I didn’t catch on sooner, as this pattern never has you purling on RS rows. Yet another doh! moment for me.

I’ve had so much to blog about lately, but not the time. This week the weather has gone from hardcore, snow-covered winter to spring-like today. I’d like to get out and enjoy it today. But there will be more updates soon!



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