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February 2, 2006

Yarn snob

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First of all, I can’t believe how long it took me to get around to writing about my failed experiment with acrylic yarn. I think it was just because I was too lazy to take a picture and upload it. But let’s start at the beginning… I was looking for a nice, quick knitted gift to make and thought the catwarming set from SnB Nation would be a good choice. After all, the mice are small and should be quick and easy to make. Plus acrylic yarn is cheap, which appeals to a scrooge like me.

I decided that I *really* wanted grey and pink mice and headed to my local Joann’s. When I found that there wasn’t any sport-weight yarn in both of those colors, I went for a heavier weight. Now I think that was a big mistake. I thought I could just adjust the pattern a little, but I found that the yarn squeaked on my needles (like fingernails on a chalkboard for me) and wasn’t stretchy at all. I ended up pulling and yanking it around to try to make the increases, all while clenching my teeth. So now I’m left with this:


See the cute mice in the picture? Mine isn’t finished, but I can tell already that it won’t even be nearly as cute. Bleh.

This wasn’t any fun for me to make, so I doubt I’ll make anymore. I guess I really am a yarn snob, or have become one. Acrylic yarn should really appeal to my thrifty nature, but in the end the cheapness of the yarn doesn’t make up for how much I hate to work with it. This leaves me with a lot of acrylic yarn and no little thank you presents to give! Oh well. I have some other ideas, but they don’t involve knitting. I guess I will still keep knitting mostly for myself as usual!

In other miscellaneous news, I made one of those popular word clouds I’ve seen everywhere for this blog:


And I’m loving Grumperina’s new pattern, Odessa. I’m thinking of putting it on my to-knit list, even though I don’t wear hats much. They smush my hair! But this hat is so cute I might have to make an exception.


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