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February 8, 2006

LYS guilt

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After some futzing around, I finally have yarn for Sockapalooza:


Before I even went to my LYS, I had Koigu KPPPM in mind for these socks. I have never knitted with Koigu and because the colorways are so pretty, I had my heart set on it. My first stop was at the Knitting Room, where the salesperson pointed out the gauge of most sock yarns won’t work with the pattern. Duh – I should’ve realized that! She recommended another yarn, but I ended up going with the Koigu because I liked the selection of colors better. This was a difficult decision, however, because there was only one skein of the colorway I liked best (which incorporated two of my sock pal’s favorite colors) in stock. I then headed over to Right Off the Sheep, but they had an even more limited stock and I left empty-handed. That’s where I get some of my guilt – I don’t know why, but I always feel like I did something wrong when I don’t buy anything! Yarn stores are usually small, so there is nowhere to hide. And both of these stores have very friendly, helpful staff, so I don’t like to feel like I’m waisting their time. The other part of my LYS guilt stems from how much I buy yarn online instead of locally. A big part of it is my budget (I’m still in school and not gainfully employed), but then there is also the selection. How can any LYS compete with the internet in terms of selection and price? Perhaps I’ll be able patronize my LYS more often someday, but maybe only when I don’t have a specific yarn/color in mind!

Anyhoo, I’m set to start the socks any day. I will probably wait until after the Olympics, however. I have a plan of how to deal with the gauge too: a google search found me this very helpful post here. I was thinking of adding an extra pattern repeat as well and am glad to see that I wasn’t too far from what worked for this person. And thanks to your comments, I’m not too worried about working two socks at the same time. It turns out to look pretty straightforward. I think I had the technique mixed up with another described here. Now that’s impressive! I have only one question about the two socks two circulars thing: how do y’all keep from forgetting which sock you worked on last?



  1. I love the colors! I have some of the same from TKR in my stash. If you run short, let me know.

    Comment by jae — February 8, 2006 @ 7:06 pm

  2. That koigu is just yummy. In terms of the 2 socks at once thing – there is only ever one end that’s “knittable” – i.e. with the stitches able to slide onto the left needle, AND the working yarn at the end of the “back” needle. I find it easiest to think that I’m knitting in a big circle … front A, front B, back B, back A. Good luck with it!

    Comment by Kirsti — February 9, 2006 @ 5:28 pm

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