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April 25, 2006

Turning the corner

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sockpalsock.jpg I finished the heel on the first Sockapalooza sock and I’m pretty happy with it. (Modeled here with the help of one hungry, neglected kitty – or so she thinks!) The short row heel I made before for these socks is pretty easy to adapt; all I had to do was decide how many stitches I should work down to then work my way back to the original number of stitches. I am now a few inches away from finishing this sock and I hope I can do that tonight. Then I will have to knit full steam ahead to meet the May 2nd deadline. I think I can make it, but even if I don’t I should have the socks finished pretty close to the deadline. Now I just need to find a postcard for Detroit to include in the package…

I’ve been in somewhat of an extended funk here from the aftermath of the application process to PhD programs. I’m starting to think this is something one would not wish on her worst enemy. Right now I think everything has turned out for the best and that I will be very happy where I will go in the fall (knock on wood), but it is hard appreciate this in the face of some of the stinging rejections I have gotten. I have seen a lot of students in my field go on before me (seemingly effortlessly, but I probably never saw the half of it) to graduate programs, and it is hard not to compare myself to them. But no good ever comes of that, does it? Oh well, I’m already starting to feel much better about and will continue to do so. I have a few years of reprieve before I have to face this sort of thing again during the job hunt. Ahh, academia… not for the thin-skinned!



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