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May 5, 2006

The problem with postcards

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So here’s a picture of the finished project for Sockapalooza, finally! It’s a really crappy photo, but I was in a rush and the dreary day we were having didn’t help the lighting issues I was having any. Tuesday morning I bound off the toes on each sock with the three needle bind off (new trick for me, but I found it handy) and then set off for lunch with some friends. I thought I would have the whole afternoon to leisurely find a local postcard, wrap up the socks, and get to the post office. Hah! I tried no fewer than four stores before I gave up on the postcard. I really don’t know where one goes to find them in Detroit. I tried two bookstores and then was directed to try a Kroger or drugstore. I decided to try both of these somewhere closer to home, but no luck. Luckily for me, I picked up some postcards when I was Lafayette, LA, so I used one of those – at least it will be my hometown eventually! I know I’m not the only Sockapaloozer to have trouble with postcards, but I don’t have a link to the other entries. I’ve learned my lesson, however – don’t look for these things at the last minute! I wasted most of the afternoon unfortunately, and then had to pack up the socks in a rush just to make it to the post office at 4:59. I wanted to do a prettier job of packaging the socks, but I just hope my sock pal likes her socks and that they fit!


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