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May 18, 2006

Getting back in the saddle

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shrug.jpg I developed some knitting aversion after Sockapalooza and took about a one week break, which explains the lack of updates here. Last Wednesday, I decided to pick up the needles again and brought the shrug to the stitch n’ bitch in Troy. When I last left off, half of the shrug was finished (although I need to re-do the bind off on the cuff so that it is much looser). Unfortunately, I took me a while to figure out how to get going on the next half, and I spent much of my time mumbling to myself and cursing, rather than actually socializing! I don’t know if I did something wrong with the provisional cast-on (see below), but I finally ended up with something that looked pretty close to being right and fudged the rest. To the left you can see how much the shrug has grown!

Now, I’ve never worked a piece out from the middle, which is how this shrug is constructed. I didn’t think much about how I would start the other side of the garment. I don’t know if anyone reading has made this, but starting the other side with a WS row instead of a RS worked best to me. Does that make sense? I still had a hard time getting some of the lace to line up exactly (which I try to show below, but the picture is blurry), but it worked out much better than when I tried the RS row first. I hadn’t thought about it before, but I guess if you start with a provisional cast on, then work a RS row, you’re gonna have to start with the WS when you return to the provisional cast on.

argh.jpg In other boring news, I have once again been the vicitm of comment spam. In this case, the spammers left over 200 comments. (It would take me years to get that many comments!) So I’ve finally gotten around to closing comments on old entries, and will have to remember to keep that up. I’d rather do that than force people to register before commenting. I bet Movable Type has some sort of plug-in I could use, but I’d have to get pretty bored before trying that! I also fixed the email account for this blog so that I can send out emails again. I’ll end on that exciting note and try to knock off a dozen or so rows on the shrug while watching the season finales of Will & Grace and ER.


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