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September 4, 2006

Where did the past two months go?

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I guess I should go back to Germany, where I last left off. We had a very nice, relaxing vacation for four weeks. Of course, Murphy’s Law dictated that it would be an unusually hot summer in Germany, since I complained that they usually are cold. Here I am sweating my ass off on a boat trip up the Danube:


I didn’t get much use out of the two sweaters I brought. The nicest part of the trip (in terms of weather and relaxation) was when we stayed with my husband’s grandmother who lives south of Munich. We were too lazy to do much “nature” stuff, but this would be the ideal place to do some hiking (you can practically hear Julie Andrews singing “The Hills Are Alive” in this picture):


I managed some stash enhancement as well, as you can see below. The majority of it consisted of yarn and needles from my mother-in-law, who no longer knits. (Heaven forbid I let any unloved Addis languish in a drawer!)


Since then, there hasn’t been any knitting news to speak of. Now that I’m looking at today’s date, I see that I haven’t knit a stitch in a month! I’m settling into a routine here with school, so I hope to remedy that soon. By the way, if you’ve tried to comment and couldn’t, the comments are now working. I don’t know what the deal is with my comments…it’s like there are little gnomes that steal into my files and fiddle with my permissions. Stupid gnomes.


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