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September 24, 2006

Two reasons (of many) that I haven’t been knitting lately…

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…named Petey and Charley. These are two cats I found living outside at my apartment complex once I moved to Louisiana. They were so friendly at first I assumed they just belonged to somebody who let them roam outside. (Not a good idea, in my opinion, but that wouldn’t have been my business.) When I noticed that one was an non-neutered male, I started to ask my neighbors about the cats, and nobody claimed them. So…sucker that I am, I am now fostering them for a local no-kill shelter, PAAW. They are very sweet kitties and will make great pets, so I hope they find a home soon. (Not mine, as I already have two long-distance cat friends in Michigan!) I’ve already done all the hard work of ridding them of all the usual nasty conditions that afflict outdoor cats, with the help of the shelter’s vet.

School is keeping me very busy too, of course. Since I don’t really have any knitting to talk about yet, I might as well bore y’all with a list of classes I’m taking: Neurophysiology (which came in handy for a recent Grumperina post), Language Disorders in Children, and Voice Disorders. I’d say Voice Disorders is my favorite, but probably the hardest for me. All of the anatomy and physiology stuff I’m having to learn is brand new for me, and involves lots of memorization as well. So I’ve had to dust of my study skills, with pretty good success so far. I think I have to start reviewing material at night after classes, and again right before class, just to make things stick a little better. I’m getting a little sick of cramming everything in at the last minute!

I have good news too: I’ve found a local stitch n’ bitch at a nearby yarn store. A fellow knitter and GA told me about it. I haven’t gotten my act together yet to go, but I hope to this week. It’s time to pull cable eight out of the box it has been sitting in for over a month!

PS – If anyone from the Detroit Caribou or Sweetwater’s knitting crowd is reading, sorry I just disappeared on you! Things were just too crazy before I left, but I hope to drop in around Christmastime when I’ll be home for a visit…


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  1. Hey Marie, glad to hear you’re doing well. I was wondering what happened to you. Sounds like you have 2 new cat friends too, lucky them that you “found” them! Good luck with your classes.

    Comment by Dana — September 25, 2006 @ 12:58 pm

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