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October 30, 2006


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When things get busy, I like to organize. Maybe it is just a way to procrastinate, but I find I don’t work well in chaos. After a hellish week of work/school (probably too much work and not enough school as well), I spent the weekend getting the apartment straightend out. Then I guess my organization frenzy spilled over onto the blog. I finally have a 2006 photo archive up, and I plan to put up more FOs from previous years next month. I also decided to take down some of my “on the needles” items: since these items are in Michigan, they certainly won’t be finished anytime soon. Now all I need is a major paper to write (oh wait, I’ve already got one!) and I’ll get around to backing up the blog and upgrading MT.

I’m kind of embarrased that it is October 30th and so far all I’ve done for Socktoberfest is knit a swatch. And I don’t even have a picture of the swatch! Hmmm, I guess that goes in the “works in progress” section.

I am making good progress on the cable eight top, however. I consider it quite an acomplishment that I’m even knitting at all lately, given my schedule. Check out my knitting space above. It is much cozier than it was before with the addition of the futon, but I sure wish the futon had arms on it. The cats are extremely pleased with the futon.


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