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November 18, 2006

In denial…must add more projects to the queue!

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I’ve been thinking lately about baby stuff I can knit, as encouraged by my mom. It’s a good thing too, as I’ve just been made an aunt again! (That makes five nieces and nephews now…for someone who doesn’t even have aunts or uncles, this seems like a lot!) So, even though I don’t ever getting around to finishing my own projects, I’ve found some potential Christmas gifts. For the baby, I’ve found this baby kimono pattern. (Warning, LionBrand might make you sign in before looking at the pattern, but it IS free.) Now, even I should be able to knit a tiny thing like that in how ever many weeks are left (three? I have no idea and don’t feel like counting) until Christmas.

For my nephew, I’ve been eyeing the Sherwood pattern from Knitty. I have my doubts about being able finish that in time, but maybe I could start one for his birthday or next Christmas. And it will give me an excuse to order some yarn for Picovoli for myself, since who wants to only order a measly four balls of yarn? What a waste in shipping costs! 🙂

Time to get back to my paper, unfortunately. But soon it will be time to leave for the airport to pick up my husband. *happy dance*


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