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December 4, 2006

A is for arrrggghhh

Filed under: knitting — Marie @ 8:27 pm

I’m giving the crochet a try on cable 8, but I’m having trouble with it continually puckering despite trying to be as loose as possible. I thought at first that it was because the only crochet hook I had was a size smaller than the pattern specified, but today I bought a larger hook and the problem does not seem to be any better. I could just buy an even *larger* hook (I’d be up to a J or K), but I am starting to learn towards mattress stitching the pieces together as suggested. I could still try the crochet edging around the neck and arms to make it look more polished. At least I’m getting better and faster with the crochet with all the practice I’m getting…


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  1. I thought at first read your were a “Crocheter”, one of those who participate in a sport I fear and dread, then I concluded you are a knitter trying to incorporate crochet into your knitting. Awesome! Good for you. I have several patterns I’ve disregarded all because of a little crochet! Good Luck!

    Comment by Knitting Bandit — December 10, 2006 @ 7:51 pm

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