Compulsive Knitter

May 21, 2007

Making progress

Filed under: knitting — Marie @ 12:21 pm

The last time I put a picture of Lucky here, I only had the back and one front side completed. Well, I started knitting on it again last week and am already working the decreases for the raglan sleeves on the other front side. Here’s a picture from just before I started the decreases:

The sharp-eyed will have already noticed the helpful cat at the top of the picture. That is Sammy, my new foster cat. He is a cutie, but probably the most vocal cat I’ve ever had in my care! I keep wondering if he is a Siamese in disguise…

And for Jae, who was wondering what color I choose to knit Bernadette in, here’s another pic:

Sorry it took me so long to take a picture! The color is pretty true to life, but somewhat brighter due to the flash. I’d call it a deep magenta. I am determined to start soon on this scarf, but I’m pretty sure now that the beads I ordered through eBay were mislabeled as to their size. I made a trip to a local bead store yesterday, but they are closed on Sundays. Doh!


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