Compulsive Knitter

July 16, 2007

Buried under books and moving boxes

Filed under: grad school, life in general — Marie @ 10:23 am

Sorry for my absence here. I’ve been so busy, I haven’t even been knitting lately. I meant to knit some more on my sockapalooza sock (still on the first one), because I’m worried about meeting the deadline at this point. But I’ve lost a needle in the mess that is my life right now. We’ve barely started unpacking in Houston since I’m only there on weekends and my husband has starting teaching again. My place in LA was all neat and orderly, until the washer broke and spewed water all over the floor. I have a “new” (read: old and stinky) washer, but need to put everything back that the maintenance people moved to clean the carpet that got wet on the other side of the wall. (At least, they were supposed to. It’s hard to tell.)

I like my summer class, but boy is it killing me right now! I guess the advantage of taking a four week class is that it will be over soon. I’m taking the midterm today. I haven’t been able to do the twenty million things I planned to do during my summer “off,” but I’ll have to really get going on those socks once the class is over. At least I’m behind 3304 people in line for Ravelry – I don’t need that distraction right now!


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