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August 23, 2007

I’m a sockapalooza bum…

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That’s what I feel like, I big ole bum. First, my poor sock pal finished on time and sent me a nice email saying the socks were on the way. I was out of town (in Houston) and didn’t even email him back for a week saying I wouldn’t be able to get the package until I returned on the 20th. Sorry Eric! I blame the guilt of not finishing my own socks (more on that in a second) and general hiding from the thought of school, and therefore, email. 🙂 I did get the socks and they are, of course, beautiful, and even came with several goodies! My LDH is coming to visit this weekend and will bring the digital camera so I will post all the details here soon.

This whole month has been crazy for me, for several reasons. There was the moving aftermath (we’re still in the process of unpacking) and then I found out at the last minute that I am teaching a class this fall, my first class on my own ever. (Hell, I don’t even have much experience giving guest lectures, just conference presentations.) I’ve already had my first two sessions this week and they’ve gone very well (as far as I can tell), which is really gratifying. But right now it is really cutting into my knitting time! Which is another reason why I’m a bum…I haven’t finished my pal’s sock yet! I have emailed him/her and lucky for me, he/she is behind too and actually feels *better* that I’m not done yet! I’d love to reveal the details of the socks here, but since there are so few sockless pals around, I don’t want to give anything way. I just hope to really get going on the last sock (I’m at the heel now) this weekend. So far this week is kicking my ass, what with teaching, three classes of my own, and getting started in the clinic with my first client(!). There has been a lot of sitting in orientations this week, which would be good for sock knitting if I were more organized. But things get better after the first week, so I’m looking forward to sending my pal socks soon.

In other news, I finally got my Ravelry invite!  (Just in time to procrastinate during the semester, yay!)  I put a few things up before the semester started, because I knew the first few weeks would be crazy.  If you can, look me up: I’m knittingmarie!


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  1. I hope everything settles down for you! Transitions are always tough but I’m sure you’ll find a way to get through it. At least your sock pal seems very understanding.

    Comment by jae — September 4, 2007 @ 5:21 pm

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