Compulsive Knitter

November 4, 2007

Busy bee

Filed under: grad school, knitting — Marie @ 2:07 pm

Yes, I’ve been a busy bee.  My eyes hurt a lot yesterday from staring at the computer too long.  When I wasn’t working on a take-home exam, indexing chapters, or working on some other assignment, I was busy putting up more past completed projects on Ravelry (username: knittingmarie).  Which was a good thing, because it forced me to go back in my archives and fix some of the many broken links to images I now have after moving the site.  I also added some of my modest stash, which was actually kind of fun.  Normally I’m not much into the yarn – I much prefer the whole finished project.  But I guess Ravelry appeals to my organized/OCD side.  I’m trying to do better today with the eyes, like taking frequent breaks, eye drops, and so on.  But guess what…during one of those breaks, I finally finished the toe decreases on the last Sockapalooza sock!  Now I just have to kitchener up the toe, weave in a few ends, and give the whole thing a good soak.  I will be so happy to send those off – I’m soooo ready for a new project!  My unfinished projects that involve knitting with beads are calling to me…


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