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December 11, 2007


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I finished my last paper and emailed it in on Sunday (I worked until the very last minute on that one) and then graded all of the finals in my class Sunday afternoon. Monday morning, I calculated the final grades and sent them in. Woo-hoo, I am finished for the semester!

I am now enjoying the simple pleasures of domesticity: planning my cookie-making and holiday decorating. And, of course, more knitting. As I packed up in Lafayette to spend the next few weeks in Houston, I had to decided which of my many unfinished projects to bring:

1. Viennese shrug: I found this in one of my knitting bags while hunting for unfinished projects. I am almost done with the last sleeve on this, but I had gotten off on the lace at some point and started fudging the pattern. Since I don’t remember exactly how I was fudging the pattern and where I left off, I would probably have to rip back – or tink back, ugh – on this at least a little bit.

2. Cabled belt: This has been laying around unblocked and sans belt buckle for FOREVER.

3. Hoodie: I think this is in another knitting bag stuffed in a hutch in my kitchen in Houston.

4. Cable eight tank: This is stuffed into a box in my bedroom in LA, waiting to be blocked and seamed together. This project ran off the road when (after many attempts to find the right hook size) my attempts at crocheting the pieces together looked bulky and unflattering.

5. Lucky: I was chugging along on this project until I discovered I made the second front piece *way* bigger than the first. I frogged it and started re-knitting it, but abandoned it when sockapalooza 4 came around. This project probably deserves to be worked on monogamously so I don’t screw it up again!

6. Short row rib scarf: I finished knitting this, but the ends need to be woven in and I need to figure out how to make the fringe. And hopefully do it right the first time, since I only have a very limited amount of yarn left!

7. Bernadette: I am working on the second half already and knitting on this goes very fast, providing I am alert enough to follow the chart and/or instructions! I could probably finish this in a few days of concentrated knitting.

8. Drop-stitch scarf: I have no idea where this project is (maybe with the hoodie?) and it’s kind of boring to knit. I would just frog it, but I don’t know what else to do with the ribbon yarn… this is where I could probably get some ideas from Ravelry!

Whew, I think that is all of them. I also know some expectant mothers I’m thinking about knitting baby socks for, but I’m not counting that here because a) I haven’t started any, so they don’t count as UFOs b) I want to finish a few UFOs! c) That is they perfect kind of knitting to do during next semester: mindless, quick, rewarding. So what did I bring to Houston (providing that I could find it)?

I brought: Lucky, the short row rib scarf, and Bernadette. If by some miracle I actually finish all of those, then I hoping that the hoodie is somewhere around here. I figure the scarves will be pretty quick work and even if they don’t make it for Christmas, I can still send them off to family in Germany when it is still seasonal to wear them.


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