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December 13, 2007

Knitty review

Filed under: knitting — Marie @ 11:16 am

I know the new Knitty came out a week or two ago, but I’m just getting the chance to post my thoughts here. For the most part, I’m underwhelmed. It’s not that there aren’t great patterns, but none of them really are calling for me to knit them. That is a very good thing, however, since I’m on a yarn diet. Yes, no new yarn, even for Christmas…so sad. But if we get the chance to buy our first house this summer, it will be worth it!

So, if the yarn diet wasn’t an issue, what would I knit? I really, really like Jeanie even though all those dropped stitches look like trouble! It seems like it would be a nice challenge, but wouldn’t make very good brain-dead school knitting. The only similar wrap to this pattern that I’ve knitted was Clapotis, and that wasn’t nearly as challenging.

I also thought Cables & Bits was absurdly cute. If I had a little dog, I’d knit it in a minute. I have a friend with a dachshund, maybe I should knit it for her… šŸ™‚ I’m teaching her to knit too, so I don’t think she would consider me totally crazy!

Finally, I think the Fair Isle Rapids pattern is lovely. One of these days I gotta try something (manageable) that involves stranded knitting. This may be a good candidate, although I already have others in mind. I gotta check my queue in Ravelry and see if I have them there yet…


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