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December 19, 2007

Random Wednesday

Filed under: random wednesday — Marie @ 4:06 pm

Even though I’m officially I’m on vacation, I still have plenty of things going on and only have time for a few scattered thoughts.

1. We finally put up a few Christmas decorations last night! I bought some (REALLY) cheap decorations at Lowe’s to supplement to small supply that did make it to Texas with us and what my mom could ship to us. (Tip: those who procrastinate about buying decorations will be get the best deal, albeit with limited choice.) I was able to improvise a lighted garland to put on our mantle piece and bought a tiny douglas fir (read: I think they just chopped the top off of a real tree) to decorate. Our tree this year looks kind of like Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree, but I think it is cute. I should take some pictures soon before the cats destroy it. (One of the usual suspects already knocked it over last night.)

2. I’m *this close* to finishing Bernadette. This came sooner than expected because I started running out of yarn. This is probably my fault, since I didn’t think to check my gauge because (according to my thinking) it’s only a scarf. My gage is probably a bit looser than called for, but rather than trying to hunt down more yarn in the same dye lot, I’m thinking about just leaving out the last two repeats on the other side. I should take some pictures and get a second opinion here. Anybody think that will make the scarf look lopsided, or will no one notice? I should note that this is being knit for a non-knitter, who may not notice a thing. I think the scarf will be long enough without the repeats.

3. I’m going to a conference in Chicago in January and giving a poster presentation. That date has suddenly started looming threateningly, so I’m just now starting to design my poster. Whoops! Good thing that most of the material is stuff I’ve talked about elsewhere quite a few times…

4. The sockapalooza socks are still sitting around waiting to be shipped. I’m thinking that it is writing the note to my pal that is making me put it off. I really do have some severe procrastination issues with writing!

5. That being said, we did just send out or Christmas cards. However, that probably only happened because my husband wanted to get it over with!


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  1. Happy vacation! I hope you are enjoying your break from school (although it seems like you are still keeping very busy). Good luck with finishing Bernadette. I’m not sure you’d notice that one “side” is longer than the other. It would only show on the neck, I’d think.

    Comment by jae — December 29, 2007 @ 9:54 am

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