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September 12, 2008

Change of theme

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…in more than one sense.  I changed the background theme of this page because I didn’t like the dark brown color that predominated, although I did like the flowers in the theme.  I also realized that I complained about a similar color on the walls of the new house we bought, although ironically it was similar to the theme I chose for this blog!  LDH and I have been working hard during our summer break to eradicate that color from our walls.  It remained in only one room, our office, which was also desperately in need of organization.  Here is a “before” shot:

I haven’t taken an “after” shot yet, but there have been some major improvements, let me tell you.  Most of the boxes, which you can see a little bit behind the chairs, have been unpacked.  After two years of not knowing where anything was (i.e. in Louisiana, Texas, or Detroit) or if it was packed or not, things are starting to return to normal.  (Not that I always find what I’m looking for…some things still are in Detroit or have mysteriously vanished.)  This is one of the major reasons that there has been a lack of knitting here and in everyday life.  This won’t turn into an organization blog, but there probably won’t be much knitting for awhile.  I’m relocating all of my supplies to one place, Houston, and will probably post more about my efforts to organize my stash, ongoing projects, etc.  I’ve always wanted some nifty shelving full of yarn like you might see in a yarn store!


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