Compulsive Knitter


I took up knitting again while working on my MA in Linguistics. Now I am a PhD student living part-time in Lafayette, LA with a LDH (long distance husband) and three cats living in Houston. I primarily knit in order to maintain my sanity, unwind after school, and to feel less guilty about watching too much TV.

Since people have been finding this site by searching for “German knitting blogs,” I feel like I should clear up the German connection. My husband is German (as in: born in and grew up there) and I speak German, albeit kind of badly right now. One of my majors as an undergrad was German, and when my German was much better, I even studied modern German literature in Munich for one year. I mostly keep up my German nowadays by reading a few German knitting blogs and now the forum for German knitters on Ravelry.

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